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About Our Hearing Clinic


To provide comprehensive hearing healthcare services to adults and children with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and education utilizing state of the art technology.


Our clinic specializes in routine and diagnostic hearing assessment, hearing in noise evaluations, hearing aid fitting, fitting of assistive listening devices such as FM systems, and counseling people with hearing impairment. All hearing aid manufacturers are available to us to select the best possible fit for that individual. We also specialize in fitting patients with difficult hearing losses.

Audiology and Hearing Solutions provides a comprehensive range of custom ear molds, such as musician's ear plugs, water precaution ear molds, custom ear buds for iPods and for other ear level devices such as hands free cell phone head sets.


All levels of hearing aid technology are dispensed and fit to individual needs. The fitting is completed utilizing state of the art "real ear" measures which enable us to measure the amount of sound that is actually going into the ear canal and view this on a 24 inch screen computer monitor for both the audiologist and the patient to see. This fitting method is the most advanced available today showing objective verification that the hearing aids are fit appropriately.

With this system, we can also view and adjust speech inputs in "real time" to verify that the person is able to hear the people who are most important to them. For example, if the patient is unable to hear his or her spouse's soft spoken voice, we can record that person's voice and actually see how much the hearing aids are amplifying; thus, allowing the audiologist to fine-tune the hearing aids ensuring that they are amplifying appropriately.

This patient-centered approach is extremely valuable to everyone involved and lets the patient and their family see the benefit the hearing aids are providing. This is just another way that Audiology and Hearing Solutions, Inc. goes above and beyond to provide the best hearing healthcare in the New England area.