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3 Tips to Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe

Hearing Aid Care

If you want to keep your hearing aids in top condition, then you will need to use a few key strategies that can help you to keep them safe. If you do not go out of your way to keep your hearing aids safe, and if you neglect them, then this could easily result in you damaging them. Here are some of the top tips for keeping your hearing aids safe.

1. Always store in a dry place

Hearing aids are very vulnerable to water damage. For this reason, you need to always make sure to store them in a place that is very dry. Doing so can help you to prevent your hearing aids from accumulating water damage. This means that you should not store them in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Steam from the shower could potentially get on the hearing aids and damage them. Instead, you should store them somewhere like in a box on top of your dresser, or somewhere similar.

2. Remove your hearing aids while sitting on a bed

The can be helpful because it can reduce the chances of you breaking your hearing aids if you accidentally drop them while taking them out of your ears. The time when you are removing your hearing aids can be one of the most dangerous periods for your devices. So, if you simply sit on a bed to do this, you could reduce a lot of the risk of breaking them due to the shock absorption qualities of beds.

3. Never put your hearing aids on the ground

Whether you are just taking your hearing aids out for a minute, or whether you are taking them out for the night, you should never, ever put them on the ground. If you put them on the ground, then they are at a major risk of being stepped on. Or, if you have pets, your pets could chew on them or scratch them. So, no matter the reason why you are taking your hearing aids out of your ears, you should never put them on the ground.

Your audiologist will go over these tips and tricks when you purchase your hearing aids. If you are unsure how to care for or maintain your devices, schedule an appointment with your audiologist to review these procedures again.