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4 FAQs About Ear Cleaning

Woman with Hand to Ear

Ear cleaning is a topic that many people know very little about. It’s highly possible you think you know how to properly clean your ears and keep up with regular maintenance, but are you actually following the right advice?

We’ve compiled four of the most frequently asked questions regarding ear cleaning, and will answer them in the content below.

How often do I have to clean my ears?

Everyone always wants to know how regularly they should partake in ear cleaning. Some believe that once a day is essential, while others say once per week is more than enough. If you talk to an audiologist, they will say that cleaning the outer ear is something you only need to do a couple of times per week if it’s dirty. But, cleaning your inner ear doesn’t need to be a regular occurrence as our ears tend to clean themselves. If you produce a lot of earwax, then you may need to schedule regular ear cleaning with an audiologist every few months. Otherwise, cleaning your inner ears isn’t something you necessarily have to do.

Shall I use cotton swabs to clean my ears?

A common mistake is believing that cotton swabs are the ultimate ear cleaning tool. Realistically, they don’t do an awful lot of good for your ears, and they can end up harming them. Inserting them to forcefully can rupture an eardrum, and they mostly just push wax deeper into your ear, which can cause hearing problems and infections. If you need to clean your inner ears - because of a build-up of hard wax - then use oil drops or see your audiologist for more professional cleaning methods.

Why is there so much earwax in my ears?

Most people view earwax as a bad thing. This is purely because it doesn't look very pleasant, so you assume it’s a sign that your ears are dirty. Contrary to this, earwax is in your ears for a reason. You have it there to help clean your ears and keep them healthy - believe it or not! So, if you see wax in your ears and are worried that they need cleaning, then stop worrying. It only becomes an issue when it’s really hard, and you start feeling discomfort in your ear. That’s when you have to do some thorough ear cleaning.

How do I know that my ears need professional cleaning?

There are a few symptoms to watch out for if you’re wondering whether or not you should undergo professional ear cleaning from an audiologist. Firstly, if you feel like your hearing has started suffering, then this could be a sign of a wax blockage that needs to be removed. Secondly, tinnitus and ringing in your ear is another sign of too much accumulative wax. Thirdly, pain and discomfort are telltale signs that something is possibly wrong as well. Finally, if your ear feels like it’s very full or blocked up, then it could be a hard wax issue that needs removing. Spot any of these symptoms, and you should call an audiologist to schedule a cleaning appointment.

Hopefully, this has answered any questions you have regarding ear cleaning, and you now know how to take better care of your ears!