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4 Signs You Need a Hearing Test

Man with Hearing Loss

Many people assume that hearing loss is just something that happens; that you reach a certain age, and your hearing begins to fail. Although there’s no doubt that age is a big contributor to instances of hearing loss, it’s far from the only contributor.

Hearing tests are simple and relatively straightforward, but many people avoid them as they don’t know the signs that suggest they might need one. So, let’s try and introduce some clarity: should you experience any of the signs below then, regardless of your age, a hearing test might be a good idea.

You keep turning the TV volume up

It’s something of a stereotype that people who are losing their hearing tend to turn the volume up on their TV; but it’s a stereotype because it’s true. Most modern TVs will display the volume in terms of a number. If you see that number is gradually creeping up and up, then it might be worth asking why this is. A hearing test could help identify any issues you might be experiencing.

You think people are mumbling

Hearing loss isn’t just about losing volume; it can also mean losing clarity of the words that people are saying. If you often think that people sound as if they are mumbling – as if the words they use are running together, indistinct from one another – then booking a hearing test is definitely a good idea.

You find yourself having to ask people to repeat themselves

We all occasionally need to ask someone to repeat themselves; voices get drowned out in background noise or the person just doesn’t use the requisite volume for the situation. However, if you find yourself having to ask people to repeat themselves on a near-daily basis, then this is a sign of hearing loss that you should heed.

Sometimes, you may find that you ask people to repeat themselves without even really acknowledging you’re doing so. It’s therefore worth occasionally asking your friends and family whether you have been saying “pardon?” and “what?” more than usual.

You struggle in noisy environments

We all spend a large portion of our lives in relatively noisy environments; restaurants, parks, offices, and in bustling city centers. It’s natural that hearing is compromised when you’re in these environments, but if you find yourself struggling to follow the thread of a conversation when you’re in public, it could be a sign of hearing loss. The same applies if you tend to fall quiet and neglect to speak in loud public places; this tends to happen because you’re struggling to process all the different sounds. If you find yourself struggling for any reason when you’re in a noisy environment, then a hearing test is a sensible step.

No matter what your age, the above four signs are reliable indicators that you should pursue a hearing test. Taking the time to ascertain whether you are experiencing hearing loss is well worth doing, providing both peace of mind and a way forward for the future.