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4 Things to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Man with Hearing Aid

If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, your audiologist will likely recommend hearing aids as the best treatment option. Once you have selected the right style of hearing aids, you’ll schedule a fitting. This appointment is incredibly important to ensure you get the best listening experience possible. Not only will the audiologist check the physical fit of your hearing aid, but they will also program it to your hearing loss needs and teach you how to properly insert, remove and care for your device.

More testing

There has to be at least one more hearing test with your audiologist and this is performed at your fitting appointment. This is to test how your hearing aid is working in your ears and that you are getting the right volume. Every hearing loss is unique, which is why time will be spent adjusting the settings and volumes of your hearing aids to get a comfortable fit. They will discuss with you how your hearing aid can help your hearing loss.

How to use the device

You can’t leave your fitting appointment without knowing how to use the device. It’s your chance to get a feel for the device and get to know the thing that’s going to support your hearing. The audiologist will demonstrate to you how to use it and all of the settings. They’ll even show you how you can adjust the volume to suit you in different environments.

A quick change

There will be a little bit of a shock for you at the appointment when the hearing aid is switched on for the very first time. It’s the first time you’ll be fitted with it and the sudden amplification in sound can be overwhelming. It’s can be an emotional moment – feel free to bring a person to provide support and assistance during this appointment.

Following up

When you’ve been fully fitted with your new hearing devices, you will be able to book your first follow-up at the same time. This appointment with your audiologist will be able to check on the device and whether it is working to its full capabilities. They can make the right adjustments and tune it to ensure that you are getting the full benefits of your new device.

Ideally, you’ll now feel reassured about your hearing aid fitting and feel confident to ask questions about the device you’ve been given.