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Are ITE Hearing Aids Right for You?

ITE Hearing Aid Display

Shopping for a hearing aid is confusing for most people. Despite what an audiologist will talk to you about during your hearing appointments, the sheer range of styles and types can be enough to bamboozle the mind. Here’s the good thing, though: there are so many to choose from, you can’t possibly miss out on finding one that’s right for you. One such hearing aid is the in-the-ear (ITE) style. These are a good choice for those who have mild hearing loss and even moderate hearing loss. An ITE device is smaller and fits very snugly in the lower portion of the outer ear.

Why are ITE hearing aids a good choice?

When you talk with your audiologist about hearing aid types, the ITE type will come up if they feel like this is your best option. This type of hearing aid is designed to fit your ear – so it’s custom made – and this is to ensure that you get the highest quality of sound available to eliminate feedback. There is also the very big advantage that they are comfortable. It’s a common misconception that you will be able to feel your ITE wherever you go; but just like glasses, you soon forget that it’s sitting inside your ear. The hearing components of the ITE fit just inside the case, and there’s no tubing or wiring that you can see loose, making them light and very easy to wear.

The advantages of the ITE

The ITE hearing aid style is very popular, which is usually down to its very distinct advantages. Some of those advantages have been listed for you below:

  • The ITE is very good at handling sounds at a higher frequency. Usually, this is where hearing is lost for most people.
  • The placement means that sound waves are collected and focused differently compared to the behind-the-ear (BTE) type.
  • The ITE hearing aid is recessed in the ear, so there is no interference with headsets or telephones, which makes for easy use.
  • Those looking for a smaller hearing aid will find this to be a better option.

What should I keep in mind?

Whether you choose to go for an ITE hearing aid will depend on what you get told by your audiologist at your hearing aid fitting appointment. It’s very much personal preference, though, so you should choose the hearing aid that works well for you. Choosing something small like this can be more discreet than the behind the ear hearing aids, which could be the one thing you want the most from your hearing aid.