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What Happens After a Hearing Aid Fitting?

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aid fitting appointments can be highly beneficial. This is because during a hearing aid fitting you will find out whether or not your hearing aids physically fit, your hearing aids will be programmed for your specific needs, your questions will be answered and you will be given instructions on how to use and maintain your hearing aids over time. However, a hearing aid fitting appointment is not the end of the hearing aid journey. Here is what happens after a hearing aid fitting.

Trial period

After your hearing aid fitting, your hearing specialist may have you go through a trial period in which you will test out your hearing aids to see how well they perform. This period is typically a couple of weeks. During this period, you will wear your hearing aids in a number of different situations to make sure that they work properly across a wide range of settings.

Follow-up meeting with your audiologist

In many cases, the audiologist will have you schedule a follow-up visit so that you will be able to check in with them after the trial period. During this follow-up you will be able to address any issues that may have come up with your hearing aids so adjustments can be made.


If there are major issues that arose during the trial period, then your audiologist may reorder or refit the hearing aids for you. This could be especially true if you were having problems with the hearing aids falling out of your ears, or experiencing uncomfortable noises, such as high-pitched feedback. More than likely, however, your hearing aids will perform well in the trial period because hearing specialists usually select them and program them with great care.

New trial period

If your audiologist has to reorder hearing aids for you, you will again have to go to another hearing aid fitting, and then go through a new trial period. Hopefully, if this occurs, this will be the last step you have to go through to get to the point where everything is all set, and you can just enjoy your hearing aids. If there are no problems, then you will be all set.