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Patient Testimonials and Reviews

With gradual hearing loss ones world slips away....quietly, unbeknownst. Eventually one begins to realize the struggle and isolating moments of hearing loss. Reaching the point of acceptance and the decision to begin using hearing aids came easily. A necessity, minor in comparison to other possible health issues.

However, at 47 years of age the emotional piece loomed large. The world was loud, my own voice was odd, singing along with the radio seemed awful. Dwelling in self pity I sought comfort at the lake, my refuge, alone. Renewed by the beauty and scent of the lake and surrounding woods....epiphany ! The water was lapping the shore , I heard the water , I heard the water lapping the shore!

The peaceful, calming sound of summer nights of childhood. Unaware that it was gone, my favorite sound has returned. Literally reduced to tears, I made peace with my hearing aids and have never looked back. Thank you
Patient, J.W.

Twice this week, Dr. Marple has come to my rescue-worked me in and repaired my hearing aids. I really didn't realize how much I depended on one or both of these devices. I am thankful that I found your ad in the weekly bulletin at St. Agnes Church in Arlington a few years ago-You have makd ea big difference in my life. My 'thank you' seems so smallccompared to all that you have done, but it comes from the heart.
Patient, D.C

Dr. Marple combines a warm, sympathetic approach with high tech hearing checks and excellent hearing aids.
Patient L.A.

Dr. Melonie Marple has been treating my moderate hearing loss for nearly ten years. During that time, I have been impressed with her professionalism and her client-centered treatment.

She has always been willing to address any of the problems, technical or emotional, that I've encountered in coping with my hearing loss. She listens, is precise and accurate in her testing techniques and makes practical suggestions concerning obstacles everyone with hearing issues face.

She is tuned in to the hearing impaired community with its needs and concerns, as well as to the professional field of audiology with its array of technological advancements. She has acted as a consultant, patiently helping me evaluate which of these advancements might be helpful to me.

I've been impressed with her patience in addressing the same problems again and again with diligence and optimism. Melonie genuinely cares about individuals with hearing impairments and uses her professional skills to provide the means for her clients to have better hearing and better lives.
Patient, J.P.

Our twin sons were diagnosed with permanent hearing loss at birth. We found out very quickly that there is so much to learn! When we were referred by our hospital to Dr. Marple, we realized that we had a partner in managing our sons' hearing loss. Dr. Marple is kind and caring and she has a great rapport with kids. Bringing our sons to Dr. Marple's office has never been difficult. She has toys to entertain the kids while adeptly managing the appointment.

We recently purchased a new set of hearing aids for our sons and Dr. Marple was available over the course of several weeks to answer questions and explain the differences between the different models and makes of hearing aids to help us find the best fit for them. She is skilled at explaining the differences in technology and excels at recommending the specific technology available to manage one's particular hearing loss. Our sons' treating hospital often comments on how accurately Dr. Marple programs our sons' hearing aids. She takes the time to get it right.

With all of the appointments, information, meetings and groups that are part of our lives to help us manage our sons' hearing loss, it is very comforting to know that we have a skilled audiologist working with our children.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with sudden low frequency sensorineural hearing loss, severe in the left ear and moderately severe in the right ear. My ENT doctors did all the testing that was required including MRI, lumbar pucture, and blood work. In the end they said it was just one of those things that happen and that there was not much they or I could do about it. They said I could try hearing aids if I wanted and basically dismissed me and told me to come back in one year.

I decided to basically accept my diagnosis and move on so I contacted one of the audiologists on the list they gave me. Fortunately for me that audiologist was Dr. Melonie Marple. She listened to how my hearing loss was affecting me and suggested a certain pair of hearing aids. I jokingly told her that if she could match my hair, I would try them. We ordered them and by the way, they matched my hair perfectly. This really intruigued me so she worked with me over the next few weeks tweaking them over and over till they fit right and did what I needed them to do. She also told me that I could get a loop that I could use with my iPod and cell phone. This worked for me for a few years and I thought that was it until this past spring.
I went in for my check up with Melonie and she told me about these new hearing aids that came out. After discussing them with her, I decided to try them. I have to tell you, THEY REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. First of all, even though they are the kind that goes behind your ears, nobody can see them because they are so tiny. And yes, she matched my hair color again perfectly. As far as the sound, they are amazing, everything sounds normal again when I am wearing them. They are digital and have four different custom programs in them that I can change based on the environment that I am in and they also have Bluetooth capability so I am able to connect them directly to my cell phone and iPod. With my neckpiece [streamer], I can connect to my television set at home as well as my computer. They work so well at times when we are out in a noisy environment I am the only one that can hear things. Leave it to the deaf guy to tell the others what they did not hear!

I recently went back to my ENT doctors for a follow up and to see if there was anything new for my hearing loss. I was actually told that there was nothing more they could do and what I had was an inconvienance that I had adjusted to nicely' and I was again dismissed. Needless to say I was more than a little stunned. That was when I realized how lucky I was to have found Melonie Marple because, if it was not for her diligent caring work, I would still be walking around not hearing half of what I should be.
Patient, Dr. Sylvia